Date Type Title
August 4, 2015 Article Lee Development Group, Housing Opportunities Commission to Redevelop Silver Spring Site
May 6, 2015 Article Expect to see more transit-oriented housing in the future
April 22, 2015 Press Release Two Prominent County Leaders Named to Retail Board
March 31, 2015 Article Council approves Aspen Hill rezoning
March 10, 2015 Article Silver Spring Work Space shows How Office Landscape is Changing
January 26, 2015 Article Residents, Developer Gear Up for Public Hearing on Aspen Hill Site
January 20, 2015 Aspen Hill Minor Master Plan Amendment - County Council Public Hearing
November 30, 2014 Blog Everyone Wins: Energy Savings at Lee Development Group
September 8, 2014 Article Elizabeth Square $200M Project Would Add Affordable Housing in Downtown Silver Spring
September 5, 2014 Press Release LDG, HOC join for ‘first-of-its-kind’ partnership in Silver Spring
August 13, 2014 Article Wal-Mart shelves plans for Aspen Hill site
August 13, 2014 Press Release Press Release- Lee Will Continue to Seek Retail Zoning for Aspen Hill
August 13, 2014 Article Wal-Mart drops plans to build store in Aspen Hill, citing Montgomery zoning delay
August 12, 2014 Article Walmart Drops Plans to Build in Aspen Hill
August 12, 2014 Article WalMart Withdraws Plans for Aspen Hill
August 6, 2014 Aspen Hill Minor Master Plan Amendment - Public Hearing Draft Notification
May 31, 2014 Opinion Montgomery County's Wal-Mart Test
May 7, 2014 Article Aspen Hill Residents Form Group to Oppose Potential Walmart
May 5, 2014 News MAY 13th Community Meeting Reminder
February 5, 2014 Article Planners Initiate Rezoning Process for Aspen Hill Commercial Area
December 5, 2013 Article Aspen Hill Looks to Rezone Office Space for Retail Use
July 26, 2013 Article Lee Plaza Tenant in the News: Silver Spring Chamber Head Felt Call To Do Something New
July 21, 2013 Article Wage Wars, Wal-Mart Wins Some in Montgomery County, Loses Out in DC
July 2, 2013 Article Landrum Hands Over the Keys to Ray’s the Classics to Two Employees
May 15, 2013 Opinion Montgomery Council Should Stop Fighting Walmart
May 6, 2013 On again, Off again: Montgomery Council Expedites Vitro
May 6, 2013 Article Council Approves Plan to Speed Zoning Changes Needed for Wal-Mart in Aspen Hill
May 2, 2013 Editorial Montgomery's Dilemma: Walmart or Empty Hulk?
May 1, 2013 Article Vote For the Kennel at Aspin Hill Memorial Park!!
May 1, 2013 Article Proposed Wal-mart Site Designed for Unique Tenant
May 1, 2013 Article On again, Off again- Montgomery Council Committee Bumps Vitro Site
April 10, 2013 Article Aspen Hill Businesses Unite to Fill Void
April 4, 2013 Article Possible Aspen Hill Wal-Mart Draws Heat
April 3, 2013 Article Rezoning for Aspen Hill Walmart could be on horizon
April 3, 2013 Article Aspen Hill Business Owners Mobilize, Vie For Retail at Vacant BAE Building
April 2, 2013 Article Montgomery Council Members Clash Over ‘Minor’ Master Plans
April 2, 2013 Article Montgomery County Council Members Accuse Planners of Succumbing to Walmart pressure
April 1, 2013 Article Wal-Mart Idea Keeps Returning
March 27, 2013 Article Shopping Center Trade Group Taps Lee
March 20, 2013 Press Release ICSC names Lee Development Group head as 2013-2014 Officer
March 15, 2013 Article Washington Post Real Estate: Silver Spring 20906 Zip Code
March 6, 2013 Article Montgomery's Valerie Ervin is Targeted by Site with Union Ties
January 24, 2013 Article The Daily Record Names its 2013 Influential Marylanders - Including Blair Lee
October 15, 2012 Press Release Lee Plaza Tenant CHF International Unveils New Identity as Global Communities, Partners for Good
October 12, 2012 Article Willco drops Silver Spring office plan for residences
October 8, 2012 Article LDG Forwards Wal-Mart Plan
September 28, 2012 Article Kohl's Opens in Aspen Hill
September 26, 2012 Article Kohl's Open in Aspen Hill
September 26, 2012 Press Release Kohl's Opens in Aspen Hill - Press Release
September 26, 2012 Article Kohl's Opens Two Stores in Washington Area
September 26, 2012 Article Kohl's Opens at Northgate in Aspen Hill
September 24, 2012 Press Release Kohl's to Open in Montgomery Co's Aspen Hill Community
August 20, 2012 Article Plans for Walmart on Rockville Pike Frozen
April 27, 2012 Article Washington Business Journal 2011 Best Real Estate - Community Impact Runners-Up
April 15, 2012 Article Region's Retail, Industrial Vacancies Drop in First Quarter- Kohl's To Northgate Plaza Shopping Center !!
April 3, 2012 Best Real Estate Deals of 2011- Filmore Silver Spring Nominated !!
February 21, 2012 Article Storied Fillmore Drives D.C. Suburb's Art District; Economic Benefits Predicted
February 8, 2012 Article Aspen Hill Walmart Still on Hold
February 8, 2012 Article County Council introduces new round of big-box bills
January 18, 2012 Media Alert Aspen Hill Community Meeting - Flyer in News Section
January 10, 2012 Panel Discussion - The Fillmore Silver Spring: The Development of a Concert Destination - ULI Washington
December 2, 2011 Article Walmart Will Turn up Heat on D.C.'s Grocers
November 30, 2011 Opinion Montgomery Hostile to Businesses
November 30, 2011 Article Montgomery Attorney Says Law on Big-Box Stores is Unconstitutional
November 29, 2011 Radio Walmart's New Plans For Washington D.C.- Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU
November 28, 2011 Article Montgomery County Walmart bill unconstitutional, says county attorney
November 28, 2011 Article Montgomery Big-Box Bill is Unconstitutional, County Attorney Says
November 22, 2011 Article Walmart Package for DC Includes Job-Training Program, $21 Million in Donations
November 22, 2011 Article Kohl's Plans Aspen Hill Store
November 22, 2011 Article With an Eye Toward Live Nation, U Street Music Hall and 9.30 Club Form Booking Alliance
November 22, 2011 Article Kohl’s Eyes New Store in Aspen Hill
November 12, 2011 Editorial Montgomery’s Big-Box Bill Sends the Wrong Signal to Retailers
November 9, 2011 Opinion Walmart is Welcome in Aspen Hill
November 8, 2011 Article Update- Ervin Denies that Costco Will Be Exempt from Community Benefits Agreement Bill
November 8, 2011 Article The Big-Box Bill: What About Wegmans?
November 7, 2011 Radio MoCo Big Box Bill Held Up On Details - Audio
November 7, 2011 Radio MoCo Big Box Bill Held up on Details -Transcript
November 7, 2011 Article Montgomery County Tries to be First in US to Make Big Stores Sign Community Deals
November 7, 2011 Article Will Costco have to Pony up to Community Groups
November 2, 2011 Article Business Leaders Speak Against Community Benefits Agreement Bill
November 2, 2011 Article County Council Fields Opinions From Public on Big Box Bill
November 2, 2011 LDG Testimony for Bill No. 33-11 Community Benefits Agreements Hearing
November 1, 2011 Article Dozens Testify on Montgomery Big Box Bill
October 31, 2011 Media Alert Walmart Facts
October 31, 2011 Article Big is Beautiful
October 29, 2011 Article Prospect of more Wal-Marts sparks debate in Montgomery County
October 25, 2011 Article Advocacy group: Montgomery has bad attitude about business
October 22, 2011 Article Health-care Coverage Still Eludes Some Part-time Workers
October 19, 2011 Article Aspen Hill Residents Take Sides on Planned Walmart
October 18, 2011 Article WalMart Plans to Open Store Along Rockville Pike
October 17, 2011 Article Walmart Plans To Open Store on Rockville Pike
October 15, 2011 Opinion A Union Smear Campaign
October 12, 2011 Opinion Clear Plan Needed for Montgomery's Economic Recovery
October 12, 2011 Article Montgomery Seeks To Regulate Big-Box Stores
October 11, 2011 Blog MoCo Laps District on Walmart Community Benefits Agreements
October 10, 2011 Article LDG Says Retail Is the Right Use
October 5, 2011 Opinion Fillmore Experience was Impressive
October 5, 2011 Radio Montgomery Council Awaits Walmart Plans
October 5, 2011 Editorial Walmart Proposal Needs Input
October 5, 2011 Article Big Box Stores Bring Big Issues to Aspen Hill and Wheaton
October 4, 2011 Semi-Annual Report of the Montgomery County Planning Board- Addendum
October 1, 2011 Article Unions Fight MontCo Council Over Proposed Aspen Hill Walmart
September 28, 2011 Article Union Internet Attack Target Montgomery Council President Ervin over WalMart
September 27, 2011 Article Walmart Confirms Plans for Aspen Hill Store
September 27, 2011 Blog When it comes to windows, the fillmore's got area rock clubs beat
September 26, 2011 Article New-Style Urban Walmart to open in Montgomery County
September 26, 2011 Article A Look at the Aspen-Hill Walmart
September 24, 2011 Article New concert venue comes to Montgomery County
September 23, 2011 Press Release Walmart Announces New Aspen Hill Store!
September 23, 2011 Article New Filmore Silver Spring could hurt Baltimore's Live Music Scene
September 22, 2011 Article Walmart Could be Headed to Aspen Hill
September 21, 2011 Article Fillmore Opening Brings More Traffic and Customers to Silver Spring
September 16, 2011 Blog Live Wire What the Fillmore in Silver Spring Could Mean For Local Clubs
September 16, 2011 News The End of the World as We know it
September 9, 2011 Article Fillmore Silver Spring makes splashy entrance on D.C.’s concert scene
August 31, 2011 Article Silver Spring Synergy
July 25, 2011 Article Sneak Peak of the Fillmore Silver Spring
July 17, 2011 Editorial Keeping Her Balance on Collective Bargaining
July 14, 2011 Media Alert Fillmore Preview Center in Silver Spring-Now Open
June 30, 2011 Article Zagat's name Rays one of 5 Best American Restaurants in DC
June 19, 2011 Article Leasing Returns to Montgomery County, But Not Everywhere
October 20, 2010 Article Grocery Store Closes After 34 Years in Aspen Hill
June 18, 2010 Article 9.30 Club Owners Sue MD over LN Venue
June 17, 2010 Blog You Will Never Have Your Fillmore
June 16, 2010 Article Fillmore Project takes step forward
June 10, 2010 Article Silver Spring Music Venue moves forward
May 12, 2010 Article BAE Systems to Leave Aspen Hill Property
February 17, 2010 Article Fillmore to Bring 'Broadway Feel' to City
January 8, 2010 Article I am Montgomery